Where is Calpak luggage made?

The Calpak luggage is also called as California Park which implies that this luggage is made from California City. This is a famous luggage brand in USA which covers most types of luggage pieces that includes the luggage sets, messenger bags, duffel bags, back bags and more. In addition to that this company will provide many other travel accessories to their users.

As one of the leading travel goods company, the Calpak presents an extensive premier band of luggages with casual look and professional look. The Calpak brand continues to grow in the market because of its high-quality luggage carriers and its affordable cost range values.

The loyal retailer partners of this company make this company have many more commitments on manufacturing the products which offer innovative styling and top-quality materials. In addition to all these things, all products from this company follow a special construction with an exceptional value.

The Calpak products are sold in all over 2500 retailer locations in USA and it ending up in the hands of more than 10000 travelers, students and business people only in USA.

Not only in USA, are the Calpak products now reachable on any part of the world by means of using the online shops. Whatever is your purpose of buying the product as used in the classrooms, the louver, boardroom or local coffee house, the Calpak can supply the suitable one to help get you with different styles.

All types of Calpak luggage’s come with the below features,

  • They have a push-bottom self-locking and heavy-duty handle system to easy management,
  • All of them are expandable to get more capable of storing things,
  • The 4 wheel system for providing effortless, multi-directional mobility and stability,
  • They have a large main compartment part to store big things,
  • They designed to have inside the zipped flap with 2 small pockets for driving into 2 separate compartments,
  • They have an inside accessory pocket feasibility,
  • Most of the products are comes with an adjustable belt option,
  • For an easy transport, this company product has a side and top handles,
  • All products from the Calpak company are lightweight because they are made up with a abs thermoplastic composite hard shell skeleton,
  • All products are designed with a built-in side lock for extra security,

All these features make this product as a most reputable one in the market.