The Ultimate CALPAK Luggage Buying Guide [2018]


Are you in the quest of buying a luggage bag? Confused in choosing the best brand? If so, then why you shouldn’t look for luggage bags from the CALPAK. Yes, the CALPAK is the best-seller in the market and it provides plenty of travel bags, laptop briefcase, duffle, and much more. There are plenty of luggage bags are available on the market in these days. Due to this, you’re little confused in choosing the right choice for you. As a traveler, you know the importance of having a cute luggage, right.

Great luggage bag not only looks stylish but also provides great storage space and is lightweight in design. These types of bag are a perfect fit for a frequent/constant traveler. As discussed above, there are lots of luggage bags to choose from so get ready for the challenging task. There are several factors you should consider before looking for a cute luggage bag.

If you’re thinking to buy a luggage bag, then the first thing you should do is consider the person who is going to use that duffle bag. This is because it helps you to choose the bag that meets his/her preferences and their style. In the marketplace, you can find a wide array of bags so you can choose based on your preferences. If you’re buying for a kid, then you should consider your kid’s preferences that fit them.

The following section describes the important things to consider and 5 best luggage bags from CALPAK and its features. Let’s read the features, pros, and cons of the CALPAK’s luggage duffle bag to make the right decision for buying great travel bags.

What’s important when buying a CALPAK luggage?

Travel bag or luggage bag is all-important if you travel overseas or a constant traveller. If you’re into shopping for a luggage bag, then you should check the available luggage size and color options to pick the best duffle bag for you. Buying a great luggage bag will allow you to keep as much as stuff you want. Everyone would love to buy the bag that fits their travel needs, right. Hence, you should buy the great luggage bag to avoid unnecessary baggage disasters. How to Wash Travel BagThe following things are important when buying a CALPAK luggage,

There are lots of brands are out there to choose from. Amongst all, the CALPAK is the best choice ever. Here is why,

Size and color: Generally, the luggage bags are available in various sizes and multiple colors on the market. At first, you should know the different sized luggage bags. Did you know? Lots of brands measure the bag from the top, not from the handle, so you can get exact dimensions. Additionally, read the complete details of the bag to conclude whether the bag meets your expectations or not.

Capacity: Secondly, you should consider the inside capacity of the suitcase. Consider the dimensions of the bag and make sure that it comes with the multi-zippered compartments. This is because the luggage bag looks like big from outside but it provides only limited space when you see inside. Hence, ensure that the bag comes with the great inside space.

Along with this, check the side compartments of the bag as well so you can keep small stuff, tickets, wallets, and pocket junks.

Wheels: Wheels are the most important feature of the luggage bag. This is because if your bag is heavy, you can’t carry it around the airports or hotel lobbies, right. But, with the help of the easy-to-roll wheels, you can make this task easier than ever.

Handle: When it comes to handling, you should check whether it’s retractable or not and make sure that the zippered pocket is present to keep the handle safe.

Things to consider when buying CALPAK Luggage:

If you’re new to shopping a travel bag, then you might not aware of the features of it. In order to make your luggage bag shopping great, you should consider the things mentioned below,

Size: When it comes to travel bag, the most important thing to consider is the size. Why? If the size/capacity of the bag is great, you can keep more stuff and 2+ weeks’ worth clothes. Check out the full specifications of a duffle bag or laptop briefcase such as size, dimensions, handle length, shoulder strap, and so on.

Wheels: Wheels are quite important when you travel overseas as it helps to carry your luggage around the airports or when you are into hotel lobbies. Most of the bags come with two-wheels and four-wheels as well. Buy the one that fits your needs.

Handle: Luggage bag is featured with the retractable handle and carrying handle. Hence, make sure that both the handles are great and durable enough. Additionally, it’s good to buy the bag that comes with the separate zippered compartment for keeping the retractable handle.

Construction: Basically, the bags are made from Polyester and some other high-quality materials to provide long-lasting durability. In addition to this, some duffle bags come with Polyester lining as well.

Zippered compartments: If you’re traveling a long distance, then there is a need to pack more things, right. Hence, think about the zippered compartments as well. Zippered closures are great as it allows you to open the bag in a hassle-free manner.

Design and cost: Apart from this, the style and color of the bag are all-important to consider. Choose the lightweight and stylish bag based on your needs. Make sure that the bag is worth your money.

These are some of the features you need to consider while buying CALPAK Luggage bag.

Best CALPAK Luggage Reviews

You’ve heard that selecting the great luggage duffle bag for you is a daunting task. Without knowing the complete features of a travel bag, we can’t come to a conclusion. Hence, we have analyzed various models of luggage bags from CALPAK and here are our top picks which will help you to own the best carry-on luggage for you. The following section explains the features, pros, and cons of the great luggage bag and a laptop briefcase.

CALPAK ‘Rover’ 20-inch Washable Rolling Carry-On Upright Duffel Bag:

CALPAK is the leading brand which acts as a one-stop shop for all your travel luggage needs. It provides a list of travel needs include luggage, backpacks, Duffels, and much more. Here is a great selection of luggage by CALPAK.

Features of the CALPAK Washable Duffel bag:

Here are some great features of the CALPAK Washable upright Duffel bag.


This Duffel bag features a stylish design and comes in deep red color which meets your expectations. It is an imported and easy-to-wash duffel bag.

Retractable handle:

It’s designed with the stylish retractable handle which ensures topmost erudition. Besides, this ensures great portability and comes up when you need to carry over the airport or lobbies and wherever you travel and goes in when you settle on your seat. This retractable handle is easy to handle wherever you go.

Zipper Closure for the handle:

This bag comes with the zipper closure for the retractable handle which ensures the stylish look and makes you lift the bag easily.

Great Size:

It comes with a perfect fit size. You can pack clothes for nearly two weeks. Moreover, it features one medium-sized additional pocket on the outside. The size of this luggage bag measures 14” high and 20” wide.

Durability and portability:

You can easily carry this luggage bag over airport or hotel lobbies as it comes with the easy-to-roll wheels. This bag is completely made from 100% polyester to provide long-lasting durability.


  • Lightweight to use
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to carry
  • Stylish design
  • Great color
  • Handle size is great
  • Wheels are rolling great on the floor
  • Top handle


  • The handle is not sturdy.
  • Only one big space

Finally, this is a friendly duffel bag for overseas travelers and everyone who travels frequently. This bag comes with one big space and additional pocket on the outside. It is featured with the two zippers so you can lock the big space in a hassle-free manner.

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CALPAK Terminator 26-Inch Rolling Upright Duffel Bag:

CALPAK is the best-selling provider of the travel bags. It’s providing a good-quality duffel bag for the travelers so they can pack as many clothes as they want. It comes with the greater wheels which ensure greater rolling on the floor. It comes with lots of zipper pocket and one large space with zippered closure to keep enough clothes for a week travel.

Features of the CALPAK Terminator 26-Inch Rolling Upright Duffel bag:

CALPAK’s upright Duffel bag comes with lots of interesting features. They are as follows,


It features a stylish look and comes in a combination of black and blue color which looks great on every hand. Besides, this color acts as a dirt hider, meaning if it gets dirt also, it won’t be visible.


This great duffel bag is made from 100% polyester and an imported one which ensures maximum durability. It comes with the large compartment where you can keep as many clothes as you want. Along with this, it comes with the side zipper pocket to keep some often-used items.

Great size:

The size of this luggage bag measures 13”wide and comes with a great slide for easy transportation. Besides, you can keep this handle inside the zipper pocket whenever you’re not using the bag. The presence of side handle helps to lift the bag easily.


This great bag comes with the front and side zippered products which allow you to keep lots of small items which are used often.

Easy to access:

The large space comes with a large opening which allows you to easily access the bag and takes things out.

Different colors:

This luggage bag is available in multiple colors so you can pick the right choice that meets your expectations. This bag comes with the big space inside of it so you can keep more clothes and things that are needed for your travel.


  • Stylish look
  • Lots of space
  • Sturdy design
  • Good quality zippers
  • Strong wheels
  • Durable Construction
  • Rollers were durable


  • Most Expensive to buy.

All in all, this is a great bag for the travelers and comes with plenty of features include large space, strong wheels, good quality, and so on. Furthermore, it comes with the tag which allows you to mention your name, address, and telephone.

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CALPAK Plato 21-Inch Rolling Upright Duffle Bag:

Looking for a great travel bag? Would you like to buy a bag that comes with the retractable handle? If yes, then the CALPAK Plato Duffel bag is the right choice. It is featured with a large space and made of polyester to provide long-lasting durability.

Features of the CALPAK Plato 21-Inch Rolling Upright Duffle bag:

Let’s read the most important features of this Duffle bag from CALPAK.

Stylish design:

It comes in Midnight blue color which looks awesome and made from Polyester to provide robustness. This imported bag comes with the durable rollers which roll easily on the floor.

Convenient to use:

It is featured with a large space where you can keep more clothes and the front zipper pocket is quite awesome to keep often-used small items. Besides, you can easily access this bag as it comes with great zippers. The two zippers help to lock your bag easily with the lock.

Easy to handle:

This duffle bag comes with the retractable handle so you can easily carry this bag wherever you want without any trouble. You can keep this handle insider the zipper pocket whenever you’re in the rest position. You can lift the bag easily with the presence of small polyester handle on it. The detachable matching shoulder strap is quite awesome which allows you to hang it on your shoulder without any pain for you.


  • Great bag
  • Decent size
  • Durable rollers
  • Stylish look
  • The shoulder strap is great.
  • It’s an imported one.
  • Exterior pockets are easy to access.
  • Available in multiple colors.


  • The handle is not great.

This is a great bag which is perfectly fit for a long traveler and the zippered closure is quite awesome. Its cost inexpensive to buy and this sturdy design ensure that this bag will last long. It features a great size which measures 21 x 12 x 10 and the lightweight body frame is a great advantage for this bag.

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CALPAK Cargo 29-inch Super Rolling Upright Duffle Bag:

Are you a frequent traveler? Looking for a bag that comes with the one large space and easy to access external zipper pocket? If so, then the CALPAK’s cargo Duffle bag is the right choice for you. This zippered pocket comes with the two zippers which allow you to lock your bag with a tiny luggage lock.

Features of the CALPAK Cargo 29-inch super rolling upright duffle bag:

Here are some of the interesting features of the CALPAK Cargo super rolling upright duffle bag,

Stylish look:

It looks awesome as it features deep red color. This duffle bag is made from 100% polyester which provides stability.


This duffle bag is featured with the great storage area which allows you to keep more clothes and you can access the giant storage area with the easy to access zippered opening.

Great wheels:

It comes with easy to roll-on wheels. It rolls on the floor greatly. This imported bag is featured with the two extra zippered pockets to keep your additional small items.


This is a great bag which comes with a long retractable handle so you can easily carry to drag the bag on the floor. The handle comes up whenever you needed and the rest of the time, you can keep it inside of the zippered pocket.

Great for the price:

This imported bag comes with a great size which measures 15” high, 29” wide, and 11” shoulder strap. Besides, the shoulder strap is quite great and this nicely designed bag is a great to deal for the money.


  • Great size
  • Easy to move around
  • Great large amount of space
  • Great deal for the money
  • Large compartments are quite great.
  • Easy to roll on rollers.


  • It’s not tear

This is a highly recommended bag for frequent travelers and it is great for the money. The zippered pocket is great and you can keep as many items you want. It is made from 100% polyester material which provides long-lasting durability. Buy this bag if you want to keep your things safe while traveling.

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CALPAK First Impression 16-inch Deluxe Laptop Briefcase:

Are you seeking for the laptop bag? Want to buy the bag that features a great size with big compartments? Saying yes, then you can consider the CALPAK First Impression 16-inch Deluxe Laptop Briefcase.

Features of the CALPAK First Impression 16-inch Deluxe Laptop Briefcase:

Following are the most important features of the CALPAK’s deluxe laptop briefcase.

Simple design:

The design is quite simple but it looks great. In order to ensure durability, this deluxe laptop briefcase is made from high-quality polyester. It comes with the multi-zippered compartments to keep your loose stuff and wallets in a safe manner. It is black in color which looks really great. Both the fabric and zippers are quite robust.

Easy to use:

This imported laptop briefcase comes with three zippered compartments to keep your laptop safe forever.

Great size:

It is lined with the polyester and the bag size is great which measures 12” high, 14”wide, and 17”shoulder strap. You can keep your laptop safe inside this bag and the multi-zipped compartments. The presence of the padded cover provides more comfort to the shoulder.

Convenient to use:

It comes with a small exterior pocket to keep things safe and to access easily. Moreover, this bag can be fitted easily on the suitcase handles. The shoulder strap length is good which measures 43”.

Easy to carry:

This bag is easy to carry as it comes with top handles. Besides, this handle has a drop of 6” and length of 17”.


  • Lightweight design
  • Durable
  • Great handle
  • Zippers are really great
  • Made from high-quality polyester


  • Cost expensive to buy

This laptop bag is a godsend gift for the laptop owners as it comes with a lot of zippered compartments. Moreover, you can keep your important files, pocket junk, tickets, wallet, and other important items. This bag has a large space and comes with the padded shoulder strap so you can hang this on your shoulder without hurting you. The main compartment of this laptop briefcase is huge and clean. All in all, this is a great multi-zippered laptop case for the money.

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Luggage bag is the most important for every traveler. Hence, as a traveler, everyone should pick the perfect bag that meets their travel needs. It might be quite difficult to choose the luggage duffle bag which meets your expectations. A traveler should know each and every feature of the travel bag before shopping. As we all know that there are several factors to consider buying the great bag. Nowadays, lots of luggage bag are available on the market at various prices. We can find lots of luggage bags with great features at an affordable price.

In these days, the duffle bag is available in multiple colors and comes in various sizes. Additionally, these types of bags are featured with multi-zippered compartments, retractable handle, easy-to-roll wheels, carrying handle, exterior zippered pocket, and so on. The luggage bag comes with the great handle which makes you lift this bag in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, it is featured with the great wheels which help to move easily around the airports or hotel lobbies, and so on.

Above, we have discussed the top 5 luggage duffle bag from the best-selling brand CALPAK. Hope you’ve understood the features, pros, and cons of each luggage bag. From this, you can conclude the right luggage bag for you. Having a great luggage bag makes your vacation great. Hence, read the above features before picking the best bag which meets your travel needs. Buy the best luggage duffle bag to enjoy a smooth-sailing vacation.