How to Wash Travel Bag?

All of us are familiar with a travel bags to carry on your luggage’s, due to the overuse the suitcases get dirty very quickly, whether it is dust and mud from the sidewalks, grime from the airport to conveyor belt.

Most of the stains in the travel bags can be quickly treated with a soap and water, but while you go for cleaning entire parts of your suitcase, then there are some methods you need to follow to clean it completely.

The process of cleaning the travel bags can be started from removing all items from inside of your suitcase and make sure that your suitcase is fully empty and don’t forgot to check the pockets of your suitcase and also remove all other removable liners for overlooked items.

Detach any detachable storages are present on your suitcase. Some types of the suitcase may have a liner which can cleaning process vacuum insidebe removed fully from the rest of the bag as well as an additional storage pocket and remove these components and set aside.

Now your travel bag is ready to clean and in the cleaning process vacuum inside the bag. Vacuuming the bag will remove the dirt, dust, crumbs and all other small debris from your suitcase by vacuuming it inside.

Once you finish vacuuming then wash any removable pockets inside the luggage bag. Most of the manufactures tags denote the machine washing is safe, so wash it based on the instruction given on the guide. On the other hand, you need to be your manmade linings with a mild detergent and water.

Materials like nylon and all other manmade linings can be washed softly with a damp washcloth and mild laundry detergent. If your suitcase is made up with leather then you need to be very careful not to drip any water on the outside, because it will damage the spot-clean canvas linen linings.

Once you finish cleaning the inside of your travel bag, you need to focus on cleaning the outside of your suitcase. To remove the dust and dirt from the outside of luggage you can do brushing it with a short broom or cleaning brush.

To clean the spot dusts you can use the spot-clean baking soda with water. Using an old toothbrush with soda can remove the stains and dirt fully from your luggage. After clean, it make it to dry the bag immediately with a hand dryer.