How to use Calpak Luggage Lock?

The suitcases are used to carry on all kind of luggage’s and they normally come with movable wheels to easy transport, a handle to move it and zipper to pack it. Most of the business people are use these luggage carriers to take their more precious things while they go for traveling.

So that the normal zippers are not enough to safeguard your things, there is a need of additional production system to safeguard your things. The Calpak luggage company introduces a locking system in their bags.

The Calpak Company gives three ways for locking the suitcase such as,

  • Single lock system,
  • TSA lock system,
  • Double press lock system,

There are three different procedures to lock the Calpak luggage in these locking systems, which are explained below,

Single lock system:

In the Calpak luggage, you can see the lock system with a numeric keyboard. You need to use that keyboard to lock your luggage.

  • As a first step of the process, you need set dials with a default combination as 0-0-0.
  • After that, you need to use a pen to push the bottom button inside the lock and remove the pen.
  • The third step is to turn on the dials to set your desired combination in the lock system.
  • Now push the button down to lock the system.
  • Finally the bottom button will release automatically, that’s it your lock combination lock is ready now.

TSA locking system:

The TSA locking system is same as the single press locking system.  To get a TSA lock on your Calpak luggage bag, you need to select the TSA a feature and then go for doing a same process as single press locking system

In TSA locking system also you need to set only 3 bits as your lock code.

Double press lock system:

This option is available only on the high price range Calpak luggage carriers and these types of luggage’s are only used for the businessmen to safeguard their important documents. Due to the high-cost value, mostly normal people will not go for buy the luggage with a double press lock system.

To activate a double press lock system you need to set 4-bit lock code on your Calpak luggage and other all the starting process are same as the single press locking system. Double lock system will give more security than single lock system.