CALPAK Terminator 26-Inch Rolling Upright Duffel Bag

As the name says, this duffel bag is indeed a terminator with one big main compartment, two-sided medium compartments, and three front compartments for easy storage. Coming in four different colors of Black, Blue, Deep Red, and Lime, this ‘CALPAK Terminator 26-Inch Rolling Upright Duffel Bag’ cost $57.46, $99.99, $53.33 and $63.34 respectively.


With the material of 100% imported polyester, this duffel bag offers 100% waterproof capability to the user. The bag‘s height is 13 inches with the wide compartment. The front & side easy accessory pockets are the unique features apart from any other duffel bags. This duffel bag measures for about 13 x 26 x 13 inches.

You will have self-locking retractable handle system with this CALPAK Terminator model duffel bag. There is a U shaped runner for easy opening and easy carriage support with padded side handles. The roller pull is strong and firm handle with heavy tenacity four wheelers that run perfectly on harsh pulls.


  • Two-way runners for easy lock
  • Self-locking retractable handle system
  • Five extra-large pockets for miscellaneous accessories storage
  • Apart from the main roller pull, you have side handle for easy access while carrying the bag
  • It is designed with lightweight frame, wherein when you load the bag, you will feel much weight to carry or pull
  • Lined up with polyester material on both external and internal, hence no worries of draining with water spills


  • There is no international shipping available
  • The user must take care while packing any sharp objects, wherein the interior lining is of polyester material

Bottom line

On an overall picture, this Terminator model receives the feedback of ‘travel-friendly’ and there are only a few stocks available. Therefore, there is no time to think about the decision, just get one in your desired color for your easy travel baggage.

CALPAK Terminator 26-Inch Rolling Upright Duffel Bag

$68.45 $112.49

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