CALPAK Plato 21-Inch Rolling Upright Duffel Bag

Packing is the biggest challenging job in the world to me what I feel. However, the case or the bag makes your mood to fill in for your travel happily and angrily. CALPAK Plato is one of the best brands that manufacture super duffel bags fitting all sets of the package and traveling mode with its super firm handle and strong wheels.


This CALPAK Plato is a 21 inches rolling bag with firm roll puller and the wheels hold super tenacity on hard roads even. The bag’s material is 100% polyester of imported variety with tight zipper closures. The shoulder drop lengths with maximum inches suiting all users of different heights, which comes with very lightweight body frame.


  • The handle comes in firm materials of steel that goes up & down easily in smooth flow, hence there will not be any stuck issue
  • The wheels are high enough to roll on the hard pathway
  • This CALPAK Plato duffel bag has detachable shoulder strap
  • It also has a retractable handle system that helps greatly for self-locking feature
  • The zippers are high quality with smooth runner with easy access to the exterior zipped pockets
  • The bag comes in the size of 21 x 12 x 10 inches
  • This CLAPAK Plato duffel bag comes in variety of 15 different colors, Black, Black Geo, Black Lace, Blue Tiles, Blue Chevron, Bright Checkers, Bright Retro, Burgundy, Geo Gate, Green Branch, Midnight Blue, Music Man, Multi Diamond, Navy Blue and Red


  • The bag comes with interior polyester lining, hence it is the user’s responsibility to be cautious while packing any sharp objects
  • And the stock is in demand

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CALPAK Plato 21-Inch Rolling Upright Duffel Bag

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